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5 Easy Steps To Achieving Cool Interior Design

If only having a natural talent for designing your interior was as easy as painting a fence like Mr. Miyagi once taught us.

Well it’s time to wax off and pipe up, Karate Kid. Much like layering together a killer outfit, an interior has a series of elements that need to be addressed to birth an abode that you can truly be proud of. As always, we’ve got you covered with our ultra simple guide to Interiors, for newbies.

#1 Be Influenced


Start looking around and really noticing what interiors you like and also those that make your manhood shrink in terror. Focus on getting down to the bottom of what it actually is that makes an interior shine for you. A great place to take inspiration is from cafés, bars and hotels, as these places are usually accessible examples that have already been created by professional designers.

#2 Define Your Style


Maybe you grew up on the beaches, love mixing old and new or are more into a luxe environment. Either way, use magazines and interiors blogs to start collecting different styles. If you can’t decide what style you want to go with, write down where you see yourself in three years time – what is your career path? Do you want to be a Bachelor or in a relationship?

Wherever it is, knowing where you aim to be should help you decipher your needs and what style will best suit the ultimate vision of yourself.

#3 Get Some Direction


You’ve got a gym membership, right? You might also want to think about investing in an Interior Decorator or Designer for your health and overall performance. All environments have the ability to affect the way you feel and ultimately how easily you can slip into relaxation mode or how quickly you can become Richard-Branson-productive.

If you’re keen to enjoy the process of designing your own pad or can’t afford a designer for the whole process, why not book a designer for a session or two, they could give you a style concept, tips, some brand recommendations and most importantly a vision of where you should be heading.

#4 Understand The Basics Of Design

There are a few key elements that you should consider right before you purchase or arrange an item in your home. Each part of your interior should work together to create an overall sense of balance and visual harmony.

This will be achieved through the consideration of the following points.



A well laid out room and home has responded to someone’s schedule, tasks and habits. Plot out your daily routines and figure out how your interior will keep you flowing throughout the day. Perhaps a cleverly designed pin board visible from your kitchen or bathroom will remind you of things you need to do throughout the day.



You can use shape to create different atmospheres. For example, if you want a room to feel really comfortable, you would use rounded shapes that can be applied through the edges in couches or circular objects. On the other hand, say you wanted a room to evoke a sense of strength and power, the introduction of square edges throughout the room (like in a cube shaped coffee table) will do the trick.



Varying the texture up will add an extra dimension to your interior. Explore polished finishes with mattes ones. Look for a range of soft pieces to contrast harder and colder ones.



Be careful here, but also have the confidence to experiment. Colour is a powerful tool and can even bring on different moods. Go to the paint store and take home a few large swatches of different colours, choose what you automatically are drawn to and test it out on your walls with some sample colour pots. If your a bit nervous to go playing with large walls of colour, add it through furnishings and artwork.

Paint Trend: Paint up to a certain height in your room to create a “Horizon” type line. Not only will this mean that a colour won’t be too full on, but it also has the potential to connect a space from one end to the other in a strong and graphic way.



Just like you wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley, you also wouldn’t put tiny stools next to a grand dining table. This is both because it wouldn’t work practically, but also because it may not work visually either. The golden rule here is to make sure that all of your furniture and objects suit each other’s scales (i.e. sizes).

Now, we don’t want to throw a spanner in the works, but if you are extra daring and think you’re on top of it, you could have a go at manipulating scale. Sometimes the unordinary can create a dramatically exciting effect, such as an oversized art work that takes advantage of the high ceilings and extra low bed in a bedroom interior.

A Final Few Don’ts…

Steer clear from fads. Don’t follow interior trends that saturate the market. You can easily spot a fad when something becomes popular with swift haste. Pineapple icons anybody? (Gag).

Don’t be allured by a fake. Sure the price tag might look nice, but that fake is actually destroying the future of design. We all know any kind of fake anything is cheap and tacky, and when it comes to furniture this is especially so. Fake furnishings are also made from lower quality materials which are often assembled quickly and without the future in consideration. These fake pieces end up filling up our landfill, something a gentleman like yourself would surely not support.

Now you have the interior basics polished, we bid you luck in propelling your man den into the halls of triumph!



The playbook for the modern man

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