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Google Muscling In On Your Wi-Fi Needs With OnHub

Google is moving towards the next stage of world domination with its latest fancy Wi-Fi router. But you already have a Wi-Fi router right? That would be true but Google thinks it can do it better.

Enter the Google OnHub, the tech giant’s latest device which claims to eradicate choppy home internet connections once and for all.

If you commonly find yourself unplugging and resetting your modem to get a decent connection, then Google wants to help you put a stop to this.

The router which is a collaboration between TP-LINK promises to deliver fast, secure internet all in a user-friendly interface. The device itself takes a page out of the Apple design ethos, hiding away unsightly cords and antennas within its attractive black case. On the technical front, the OnHub works by scanning airwaves for the strongest channel.

Once it picks it up, it’ll run the internet on it until it finds a stronger channel. The built-in smart software will then automatically switch channels to ensure you have a seamless connection at peak speeds.

If anything the OnHub acts more like an Android device, updating itself with the latest security features and software in the background without interference to your surf time. You can rest assured it’s also future-proof with Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave and 802.15.4 all pre-loaded.

Most importantly though the OnHub can be monitored via its own app for Android and iOS which will tell the user their bandwidth stats and troubleshoots. The app can also text and e-mail your Wi-Fi password to friends to save you the trouble of explaining why your password is ‘JennLoveHewitt4Ever’.

The OnHub will be released in the US in the next few weeks for US$200 and land in Australia a few months after.



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