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Male Cosmetics – Finally It’s Ok To Get Your Blush On

Bob Dylan once sang, “The Time They Are A-Changing”. This immortal song lyric rings true for the male grooming game with the arrival of male cosmetics on the market and the gradual acceptance of these products into men’s daily grooming routines.

Now I know there is probably a few gents out there who balk at the idea of male cosmetics, but just remember your grandfathers and fathers more than likely recoiled at the idea of using a moisturiser or regularly exfoliating and now we all do it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, and the male cosmetic products currently available will achieve just that. These aren’t products you will find in your girlfriend’s make up bag. They are more subtle, correcting slight imperfections and addressing real skincare concerns to give you a flawless look.

These following products and their respective brands encompass exactly what is available in the way of male cosmetics and will provide you with a good collection to look incredible. So keep an open mind and be a male grooming pioneer as we look at everything you need to know about male cosmetics.

Tom Ford Men Concealer


When it comes to style and looking good it’s hard to go past the iconic Tom Ford. The man is 53 and always appears ageless so when he releases a line of male grooming/ cosmetics products it’s probably a smart move to at the very least check them out. The Tom Ford Men Concealer is perfect at hiding those unsightly blemishes, redness and dark circles under eyes.

The formula blends seamlessly and is available in three shades so no matter your skin tone you’re more than likely covered. The concealer is roughly the size of a pen so you can take it with you anywhere for on the go patch ups and twists up to reveal the actual concealer.

4VOO Silk Enriched Shine Reduction Powder


A lot of us suffer from oily skin, although it can be effectively treated it takes time and you want to look good now. 4VOO have been in the men’s cosmetics game for some time now and offer an extensive range that effectively addresses a number of men’s skincare concerns.

One such product is 4VOO Silk Enriched Shine Reduction Powder which is perfect for covering up unsightly oily skin. Not only does this powder reduce the visible signs of shine but also absorbs excess oil. Simply pat the powdered applicator along the skin until desired matte look is achieved.

Kenmen Voliptuous Repair Serum Bottle


Kenmen are another male grooming line offering “practical and masculine skincare solutions”. One such products is Voliptuous Repair Serum Bottle which is similar to your chap stick you currently use, in that it hydrates your lips. The added benefit is it also plumps up the lips giving you a fuller and healthier look.

Jean Paul Gaultier Bronzing Powder


Get the that perfect summer bronzed look without all the mess of a self tanner with Jean Paul Gaultier Bronzing Powder. Featuring an applicator similar to a shaving brush this product provides an easy application and an even bronzed look. Convenience and ease of use are the key selling points with this product.

It can be used pretty much anywhere and can be removed with ease if you get a little to eager and apply too much. Simply smother the applicator with powder and use broad strokes across the skin for ultimate, even coverage.

4VOO Enhancing Eye Liner


This product is for those feeling a little more adventurous with their male cosmetics and who aren’t afraid to make a statement. The eyes being the window to the soul its important to make them pop and you can do so with 4VOO Enhancing Eye Liner. Eyeliner defines the shape of your eyes and enhances your eye colour.

However less is more when it comes to applying eye liner unless you are going for that 80s glam rocker look. To apply hold the skin at the corner of the eye tight, look down into the mirror, apply a fine on the lower eyelid starting from the outside in and then do the same for the upper lid.

Expert Tips

Michael Brown, Michael Brown Beauty

Cosmetic brands have tried launching male makeup over the years with little success, but in the age of 24-hour selfies and camera phones, men are feeling more pressure to look good all the time. Men need to realise that every guy in a magazine or on TV has some form of makeup applied and it’s a very normal part of looking good.

Men are dressing better, they love a ‘pick me up’ fragrance and skincare is not an issue, so why not try a little modern makeup? Combat fatigued eyes with a small dab of concealer or add a some healthy colour to your face with a sweep of bronzer – Women get to look their best, why not us men too?

Dr Zac, Museclinic

Today’s man cares about his appearance and the impact it has on his lifestyle. Living with oily skin and dark circles around the eyes is a thing of the past. Men can now use topical products and cosmetic injectables to help them look healthier and well rested. What we offer to the modern gentleman is confidence and the ability to work with someone who is the real deal when it comes to looking your best.


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