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How To Get A Slice Of Mad Men Design At Home

Every gentlemen craves for a home inspired by the classic design cues of the hit show Mad Men. Set in 1960s New York City, the set designs rely heavily on Hollywood Regency design elements with splashes of streamlined neoclassical and symmetrical Art Deco pieces.

Impossible though it may seem, millions of dollars and diamond-encrusted grills aren’t a prerequisite to garnering the Mad Men atmosphere in your home. Follow these simple man cave rules and watch your date(s) swoon.

Monochrome & Greek Key Patterns


If your home were a jungle, you would be the king of the pride. In fact, allow us to call you Mufasa, and take note as we serve up a few suggestions on how to maintain ‘dominant’ status when roaming the halls of your home.

A sexy monochrome setting works best, with black and white typifying the Hollywood Regency theme to a tee. This enables bold, bright or unique pieces to pop. Lucious is particularly partial to a splattering of Greek Key patterned furnishings.

Try the Jonathan Adler Greek key alpaca throw and a black and white personalised monogram Greek key border cushion.

Own Your Mood Lighting


Whether you’re attempting to channel a Hakeem-and-Camilla-type atmosphere, or simply trying to seal the deal at the end of the night, nothing says, “come hither” quite like soft, romantic lighting. Not only does it encourage closeness, it has the strange effect of removing inhibitions (and hopefully clothes). So ignite those candles, set the dimmer to minimum, and Godspeed.

Classic Cocktail Table 


Hollywood Regency is all about entertaining and ego-stroking. In keeping with the twisted family relations prevalent throughout the show, Lucious Lyon’s glass cocktail table – held up with intertwined branches – is one of our favourite pieces. Recreating the look is easier than taking the ASL ice bucket challenge.

Champagne Bucket, Flutes & The Polished Goods


No self-respecting cocktail table is complete without a champagne bucket and set of fancy flutes. There’s no need to buy a matching set. Indeed, Hollywood Regency welcomes mismatched styles; neoclassical, Art Deco and futuristic modern are all embraced in equal measure. Regardless of the style, though, the combination must radiate refinement.

Trinket Trick Out


Grandiose and lavish status symbols litter the Lyon mansion. If you don’t have a stack of prestigious music awards lying around, invest in a few smart pieces that will give your room the illusion of opulence and prestige. After all, Hollywood Regency delights in details, and lots of them. Have a look through mum’s old things and you may well find the perfect crystal lamp or antique Art Deco vase.

Ostentatious Mirror 


Looks are everything for the fictitious Empire characters, so take a gold leaf out of Lucious’ stylish playbook and find a large statement piece to reflect power and wealth, even if your looking glass is a second-hand find. Remember: pre-loved doesn’t just need to apply to your next date; it can refer to your awesome new mirror (or both).



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