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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #39

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1 of 6|Keim Arvak Bicycle
2 of 6|Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster
3 of 6|Porsche Design X Rimowa RS 2.7 Luggage
4 of 6|Gazebox
5 of 6|Cocoon Tree
6 of 6|Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick

We take our boys’ toys seriously here at D’Marge and hot damn, have we got some sweet gear that’ll have you crying poor after today. From a bike made entirely of wood, to Porsche Design’s latest collaboration with Rimowa to a mobile living cocoon, she’ll be taking all your money.

#1 Keim Arvak Bicycle
Hailing from the design and build studios of Savonnières in France, the Keim Arvak bicycle is a piece of kit no man has likely encountered. The unorthodox design won’t see you winning Tour de France, but it will get you through the urban landscape in head-turning fashion with its monocoque frame constructed of dozens of layers of laminated white ash for added strength and weather-resistance. Shoot them an e-mail to secure yours.
Price: $N/A/BUY

#2 Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster
Unleash the child within through the most badass way possible. The latest release from Nerf looks less like something for your 10 year-old and more like a futuristic training rifle for soldiers. You don’t even have to shoot the thing if you’re worried about kids judging you; simply hang it up on your bachelor pad wall and you’ll have your mates swooning whenever they drop by.
Price: $50/BUY

#3 Porsche Design X Rimowa RS 2.7 Luggage
Globetrotting in style is taking on another sweet credential – speed. Inspired by the legendary Porsche RS 2.7 of yesteryear which saw a blistering top speed of 240km/h, Rimowa have released a limited run of 1,973 travel cases made from lightweight polycarbonate and finished in the car’s iconic two-toned White and Viper Green livery. As Shia once said: Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Just do it.
Price: $1,190/BUY

#4 Gazebox
The Gazebox is a cool new solution designed to protect your mistress – a.k.a your car. It acts as an exoskeleton and features a folding frame with anti-UV polycarbonate panels to protect your precious from the nasty elements. Each frame is also fitted with LEDs for night time use and as the name suggests, for hours of gazing at your beast. You can also fit it out with options such as push-button open/close, air con, fans and alarms for the ultimate in car living space.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 Cocoon Tree
Tired of sleeping on the couch whilst your rooomates get jiggy all night? It’s time to step back into the wilderness as man intended and live in a suspended cocoon. It’s part tree house and part tent design ensures you’ll standout wherever you set up camp – for all the good reasons of course. Never worry about creatures crawling into your tent or your stuff catching fire as you live amongst the trees in style.
Price: $8,000/BUY

#6 Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick
The humble USB thumbdrive has finally gotten a makeover in the form of Sandisk’s latest offering. Besides looking cool, it offers Wi-Fi to the thumbdrive so that the user can wirelessly transfer files, videos, and music easily from your smartphone, tablet, or computer within its range. The range currently comes in 16Gb to 128Gb.
Price: $29-$99/BUY




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