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Village Roadshow To Sue Every Illegal Australian Downloader

Downloaded an illegal movie recently?

You better lawyer up a**hole, because Village Roadshow Australia isn’t coming back for 30%, it’s coming back for everything (Andrew Garfield©).

On a more serious note though, they really are. The Australian film distribution company’s Chief Executive Graham Burke yesterday told SBS TV’s The Feed that the company fully intends to sue whoever they can identify as having downloaded one of their films. This bold threat comes in accordance with Burke’s push to also block major pirate and torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay.

“It’s wrong. [Pirates] have been warned, notices issued that they have been doing the wrong thing. Yes, we will sue people,” Burke said in The Feed interview.

The show also queried Burke on whether he was prepared for bad publicity if big infringements get issued to battling Australians who can’t afford to repay it. Burke told the show that he could care less, adding that it was theft and the parties involved should be dealt with regardless of whether they could afford it.

On the topic of filtering torrent sites from Australian homes, the company who brought audiences the new Mad Max film and The Lego Movie claims to be pushing ahead with the controversial move.

“We are absolutely in the process of implementing action to block illegal sites,” Burke told The Australian.

“We are going through the legal preparation at this stage and will be ready in October to go to the courts and ask them to block sites.”

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