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Ralph Lauren Create The World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt


If we asked you to pay $295 for a t-shirt, we can guess your initial reaction would be something along the lines of a resounding, jaw-dropping ‘no’. But what if we asked you to pay $200+ for a ‘smart t-shirt’. Mr Ralph Lauren is doing just that with the release of his latest sportswear innovation.

Ralph Lauren has partnered with the Canadian company OMSignal to craft and design a shirt that tracks and measures biometric data shooting out from the tiny electromagnetic pulses your muscles emit while you work out.

If you’re a gym fiend looking to make your workouts more effective, this just might be your golden ticket achieving that Adonis-like figure in a faster amount of time.

The smart shirt debuted at last year’s U.S. Open on a few of the ball boys, but as of August 27th this year, it’ll be available to the public, so start saving.

See the technology in action below:


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