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The $35 Million Home Of A Former Apple Executive Could Be Yours

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Working for Apple has it’s perks. Former Apple executive Michael Barnick is selling his California smart-home for an insane $35 million.

Barnick spent 10 years (and $30M) adding automated features to the Santa Barbara mansion. Almost every part of the house, from it’s lighting to it’s music, televisions, windows and air-conditioning can be controlled remotely by a tablet or smartphone. How very Apple.

In fact, the 53-year-old became so engrossed in the technical aspects of his design, he ended up starting a business called Quantum Integration, which installs home-automation systems.

The 10,100 square foot, four bedroom house, which was only fully completed a few weeks ago, is now on the market with Barnick concluding he and his wife no longer needed it as his kids have all flown the coop.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the mansion gets even better with three built-in aquariums, a movie theater with seating for 12 and a master bedroom which leads to a tower topped with an observation deck and an outdoor hot tub.


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