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5 Transeasonal Trouser Styles Every Man Should Own

Trousers, schmouzers. It’s far more fun shopping for sleek new shades, luxury sneakers or a new, sparkly watch, right?

We all own them – bottoms, but your go-to black jeans or khaki chinos can only take your style so far. Which is why make or break pieces like the trouser shouldn’t become a shopping chore or a fashion afterthought.

But before you purchase just any old pair, be aware that wearing the wrong trousers – in fit, fabric and colour, can ruin all the hard work you’ve put into the finer things.

A new season means new threads, so here are five not so common trouser types to add to your style arsenal.

#1 Grey Wool


This might be an obvious choice to men who dress in grey woollen trousers regularly, as part of a work suit. But outside the professional space and into the street, the grey wool trouser proves super versatile for any season.

Wool breathes wonderfully so it’s ideal for summer and it insulates against the chill making it winter’s go-to. This season, the wool trouser is dense and very Forties-inspired, coming in factory grey or marl, and as furry washed wool or a cashmere blend for something clean and neat.

Pair the grey trouser with a plain tee, relaxed navy blazer and penny loafers, or go for a Seventies-inspired outfit, with a shearling bomber jacket in tan, silk scarf and tinted aviator shades.

#2 Cropped


Haven’t got a pair of cropped suit paints? Get to it. Whatever the fabric, cut or colour, the cropped trouser gives a modern-edge to a traditional suit pant, emphasising the line and break of the trousers, while avoiding messy bunching at the ankle

Cropped trousers let statement socks speak as part of a more tailored outfit and are just warm enough for winter. In summer, naked ankles look dapper with crop and no-socks style, worn with loafers or leather lace-ups, particularly brogues in tan hues.

Adjusting your trousers? Go 2-3 inches, just to be safe. You do want your suave summer trousers to turn Capri. With a formal shoe, lower the crop, cutting to just on the ankle. Wearing boots? Look to shorter lengths still.

#3 Solid Chinos


Making their way from the work yard to the fashion world, dense chinos are a must-have for the modern wardrobe. What makes the chino dense, is its fabrication – cotton twill. The natural textile is made from heavyweight cotton, woven in a series of diagonal, parallel ribs that make the fabric very durable. Like jeans, even.

And like their indigo counterparts, the twill chinos mould to your body after several wears, making them perfect for guys who find trousers oh so uncomfortable – especially in summer. And a hard yakka, no-nonsense aesthetic strips the twill chino of any swanky south-of-France references and collegiate accents.

For a wintry layered look, pair a pair of looser fit chinos with a relaxed wool blazer and knit, and button shirt to complement the formalities. For summer, look to a short-sleeved cotton button-down with a floral bright for extra zing.

#4 Cuffed Joggers


Fashion and comfort are the jogger pants’ forte. Combining the ease of sweatpants with the slim-fit cut of a dress trouser, the modern joggers are essentially active-meets-style, to be worn on the lounge at home or out for Sunday morning brunch.

Ideal for casual looks, keep the aesthetic quite street; opting for monochromatic black and white, pairing one of this seaon’s best basic t-shirts with the cuffed jogger and basing the look with luxury white sneakers.

Cuffed joggers made from cashmere, wool or plush jersey are best, separating what you’d wear to bed from these more fashionable joggers – fit for public display. This sports luxe look isn’t going anywhere. So, sit back, relax and pull on some trackies.

#5 Statement Plaid


Plaid (or tartan) is a bold way to add some print to your mundane trouser life. The humble check offers a great heritage look and adds a sense of class to even the most casual ensemble.

For a superb dinner party aesthetic, pair trousers in blackwatch (a tri-coloured check in midnight blue and emerald green squares, separated by black lines) with a black dinner jacket, white shirt and silk bow tie – letting the plaid by the focus over velour slippers or patent leather Derbies.

And for a day-time rendezvous, a t-shirt tucked into a light-grey prince of wales check is sophisticated street wear, worn with luxury sneakers and a bomber jacket. Or go brogues, blazer and a neckerchief for the Mr. Chic way of doing things.

The simplest way to pull off plaid trousers? Swap them for your normal neutral chinos or jeans and pair with items of a more restrained nature for maximum effect and ease of wear. This plaid game is yours. Check mate.




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