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Adidas Unleashes More Chaos On The Football Field With X 15 Menace Pack

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Do you have the X-factor? Not the kind that wins cheesy reality competition shows – the kind that helps you sink goals and be a literal game-changer.

The adidas X 15 boot is designed for players who think outside the box and push themselves to the limits. Who play on instinct and talent. Who aren’t afraid to cause chaos. Who are now getting a little chaos-ier, thanks to the new X 15 Menace Pack.

The Menace Pack takes the show-stopping graphic of the X 15 and explodes it across the X-SKIN upper in the ultimate show of exhibitionism. The splatter graphic represents the speed of turn, lightning quick thought, and unstoppable instinct of the X 15 player. There will be no missing these eye-catchers on the pitch.


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