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Richard Branson Plans Two Hour Flights From Australia To London


Richard Branson. He’s a guy that makes us believe that anything is possible and has proved it once again with plans to implement two-hour flights from Australia to London.

Branson’s space travel company Virgin Galactic has been mostly focused on space tourism, with talks of wannabe astronauts one day forking out $US200,000 to be propelled into space.

Branson’s priorities have now taken a shift. The 65-year-old billionaire is looking at new technologies and believes that, within his children’s lifetime, tourists could cut their travel time by over 20 hours and hopefully skip the subsequent jet lag.

And he’s not alone. Other design firms and aviation companies including NASA, Lockheed Martin and KLM are also looking at developing high-speed aircrafts.

With air travel experiencing little change in the last 40 years, the promise of long-haul flights as a thing of the past is surely worth the wait.



The playbook for the modern man

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