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Australians First To Get Their Hands On Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Back in May, Tesla made the very exciting announcement that it would now use clean energy to not only make some of the world’s best electric cars, but to also power your home.

Their aim was to get homes, business and power companies storing their electricity more efficiently and to reduce peak load on the grid. The result? The Tesla Powerwall Battery.

The Powerwall is an oversized uninterruptable power supply for your home, and it will be available in the Australian market by the end of this year.

The device, which can be mounted on the wall of your house, is a cleaner, greener and more efficient solution as it stores excess energy through solar panels. This means Australian families could theoretically disconnect from the grid and utilise their own stored power, rather than being burdened by the current electricity rates.

Does the Powerwall mark a change in the way Australians consume power?


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