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Australians Could Benefit From Six-Hour Workday

For a lot of Australians, a 45-hour working week is commonplace. In fact, health researchers found that last year close to one-third of Australians, mostly men, were in their workplace for 50 hours per week.

In going against the grain, a group of nurses at a retirement home in Sweden decided to implement a six-hour workday with the belief it would increase productivity and greater quality of life, and it worked.

Workers benefited from the six-hour workday with higher job satisfaction, leading to reduced staff turnover and fewer sick days. It also inspired improved patient outcomes. Research has shown that longer work hours translates into declines in productivity as well as an increase in stress levels.

According to the Australian Human Resources Institute, chucking a sickie costs the nation’s economy about $10 billion per year. Maybe the Swedes are on to something.

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