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10 Australian Beach Houses That Will Blow Your Mind

Feel that in the air? It’s called the sun. And with the sun comes the need to emerge from your hibernation and lap it up in style. Australia currently owns some of the world’s finest beach houses and given we’re such hard workers here at D’Marge, we’ve taken the liberty to weed out the coolest ones for you and your friends to kick back a few unique cocktails to. Just remember to leave them Speedos at home.

The Deck House | Victoria


Some call the Deck House a romantic getaway, but perched atop Wye River (which is actually a small Victorian town and not a river) is a stunning home with much more potential for discerning men of leisure. Think 180-degree pristine views of your own secluded cove of beach and a sun-drenched deck which simply screams BBQ. All you’ll need next is a crew ready to shimmy away into the sunset. Yes, we said shimmy.

East Bedarra Island | Queensland


Hit up the taste of the tropics at this sparkling oasis located on an island where the rainforest meets the reef. The beaches are filled with white sand and crystal clear waters so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is finding a reason to leave. The island houses luxe villas which are basically beach houses that take in the most stunning views of Australia’s eastern coastline and Great Barrier Reef. The houses on the site have long had a reputation for attracting artists and explorers types alike. If you’re not the painting man, simply head into the rainforest behind you and get lost (fyi: you can find your way home via the stars).

Ocean House | Victoria


Another beauty hailing from Victoria is the Ocean House created by Robert Mills Architecture. Combining striking modern design alongside a private coastal spot, the Ocean House is the perfect place to host a serious gathering of your closest friends and family for a special occasion. Again, the forest-to-beach theme is prevalent, allowing guests to sample the best of both natural worlds in sheer class. But what about the views? Floor to ceiling glass walls facing the entire stretch from Loutit Bay to Lorne. Boom.

Fairhaven Pole House | Victoria


It’s not an overstatement when we say this beach house is an icon amongst locals. A landmark in its own right, the Pole House was designed by Frank Dixon and built in 1978. Currently it sits off the Great Ocean Road atop massive steel columns that reach out towards the beach. Its designer is currently planning to knock it down in order to replace it with another state of the art house. In the mean time, you can still rent this one for your most memorable shindigs under the sun. This is also not one we’d recommend for those suffering vertigo.

Pretty Beach House | NSW


The name can be a bit off-putting, but the infinity pool overlooking the Central Coast beach certainly isn’t. The house has enough room for six people and is built amongst the lofty bushland just off the beach. Like to lap up the sun in private? This is your ultimate answer at $6,000 per night off-peak. It’s not cheap, but neither are the memories you’ll create.

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Lamble Residence | NSW


Like your porches elevated with 270 degree views? The Lamble Residence is your masterclass in fine beach-side living. Located on the south coast of New South Wales and overlooking Gerringong beach down below, the residence was designed by Smart Design Studio and features the best fauna from the Great Dividing Range thriving out back. Now that’s what we call a backyard.

Holman House | NSW


Guests without balls of steel need not apply. Perched precariously on a cliff in Sydney’s Dover Heights is this modern example of design meeting the seas. The house sits 70m off the edge of a cliff but the views more than make up for that daunting feature. With a living space laden with floor to ceiling windows, what could possibly go wrong?

Azuris | Hamilton Island


Hamilton Island is renowned for its untouched beauty but a beach house in the area? That’s something truly special. The sprawling design of the Azuris minimalist home features its own infinity pool that overflows into the ocean, but that’s okay if you don’t want to swim in it. You’re pretty much surrounded by some of the world’s finest waters and sailing adventures to keep you busy.

Unique Estates | Queensland


You can’t go wrong when it comes to sun-soaking and Queensland. You also can’t go wrong when all that is complemented with breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef from a huge private infinity pool. This residence was recently listed on sale and went for a cool $2.9 million. Again, this special home is surrounded by rainforest and faces the Pacific Ocean with only a short drive to the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll be catching mermen in no time.

Cliff Face House | NSW


Palm Beach in Sydney’s northern suburbs isn’t just known for a soapie show full of abandoned kids. It’s also home of the stunning Cliff Face House which is, as you guessed it, built onto the side of a cliff. Still reckon that’s not cool enough for you and your squad? The cliff formation actually merges with the interior design of the home to form a feature wall. You’ll be a professional rock climber in no time.

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