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Bosch Has The Answer To Finding That Elusive Parking Space

Car park rage could soon be a thing of the past with Bosch designing an innovative new device which allows drivers to immediately see and find available parking spots in public spaces.

Called the Active Parking Lot Management, the intuitive system aims to eradicate the need for drivers to circle parking lots. Drivers would simply roll into a parking vicinity, see where the free spot is on their smartphones and drive directly to it.

Sound too good to be true? Think again.

To achieve this civilised approach to an ongoing inconvenience, Bosch created a series of lightweight, robust and energy-efficient sensors which can either be mounted above or embedded within the concrete on the parking space. The sensors would then transmit data to a main server which tells your smartphone app where there’s a free spot and how to get there in real time.

As well as helping drivers remain calm, the new system can also aid parking lot operators better manage traffic during peak sessions. The added bonus, Bosch says, is the capability to also send vital information to the driver including price, parking space size or special requirements such as parking spaces for parents and electric vehicle charging stations.

Bosch says that their new system will drastically reduce accidents and help ease carbon emissions with its efficiency at the tap of a phone.

Modularity is also the key to Bosch’s success here, with self-contained sensors having a battery life of up to seven years without the need for physical wiring. With the impending arrival of self-driving cars and electric vehicles, this could well be the system to help integrate driving in the future.

The Active Parking Lot Management will be rolled out in Bosch’s own garages very soon for trialling.

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