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D’Marge Joins The Collective To Showcase A New League Of Game Changers

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It’s not often the face of D’Marge gets invited to grace the cover of a glossy magazine, but when the call does come we’ll always make damn sure to do the Magnificent Bastards out there proud.

In the latest issue of The Collective magazine, D’Marge joins a distinguished list of talented Australians who are currently on the rise in the creative world.

Founder and Managing Editor Luc Wiesman features alongside Gritty Pretty’s Eleanor Pendleton, Jewellery Designer Samantha Wills and Creative Directors Toby & Pete for a huge issue that explores all the trials and tribulations of shooting for the stars.

Think of it as a little bible of guiding light; a cavalcade of game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers who are more than happy to wax lyrical. And inspire, if that’s your kind of thing.

Issue #25 of The Collective will be available on news stands from Monday the 7th of September.

Be sure to hit it up to hear the journey of D’Marge thus far and where we’re headed to next.


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