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Concorde Plans To Return To The Skies

The supersonic jet known as the Concorde is hoping to return to the skies with the help of a team of very wealthy aviation enthusiasts.

Club Concorde, which consists of a group of ex-pilots, airline executives, engineers and Concorde enthusiasts have just announced their intentions to bring the iconic jet back to limited operation by 2019.

The embattled passenger jet saw its last commercial flight back in 2003, a demise brought upon by dire financial problems, high maintenance costs and a major Air France crash in 2000 which killed all 113 passengers on board.

Tacked on to the back of flying fears after 9/11, the Concorde’s fate was sealed after a 27-year flight history with only one aforementioned accident recording during its time in operation.

With existing Concordes currently residing in museums and science centres around the world, Club Concorde is hoping to secure one located Le Bourget airport in Paris – one which they plan to buy and restore for $250 million.

The club’s plan is to use the restored plane at air shows and for corporate events or private charters. The supersonic jet for the moment has no plans to take on any commercial flights.

The Concorde’s flying credentials have long been attributed to its speed, allowing for a flight between New York and London to be completed in just under three hours whilst regular commercial airliners do the trip in seven hours.

Regardless of whether the Concorde will see commercial flight again, supersonic jets are currently on the cusp of production with major companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and NASA all working on commercially viable high-speed aircrafts that will take to the air by 2030.

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