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10 Awesome Australian Getaways For You & Your Squad

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1 of 10|Skydiving|Mission Beach, QLD
2 of 10|Skiing|Mt Hotham, VIC
3 of 10|Shark Cage Diving|Adventure Bay, TAS
4 of 10|Canyoning|Weano Gorge, WA
5 of 10|Luxury Boat Hire|Sydney Harbour, NSW
6 of 10|Mountain Bike Riding|Cairns, QLD
7 of 10|Rent A Cave|Hatters Hideout, NSW
8 of 10|Surf Lessons|Coolangatta, QLD
9 of 10|Brewery Tour|Cascade Brewery, TAS
10 of 10|Hire A Treehouse|Blue Mountains, NSW

We ride together, we die together. Yep – we totally stole that from Will Smith, but more important is the notion of looking after your mates when it matters most. Today’s travel guide for the magnificent bastard is about that.

Your crew consists of a special bunch humans who have the tendency to hang around (and encourage) your life’s worst decisions. So it’s only fitting that when it comes to embark on a new adventure, you do a damn fine job of it.

From swimming with sharks to tree house parties all without leaving your own backyard, these are the ten coolest places you and your squad of valiant hombres can rock out to on any given weekend. In style of course.


 #1 Skydiving | Mission Beach, QLD

Are you a pack of stone-cold adrenalin junkies? Then a gravity-defying holiday activity is perfect for your troop. Experience the Great Barrier Reef from a chilling 14,000ft in the air. Mission Beach in Queensland offers tandem skydiving with mind-blowing views of world heritage rainforests, pristine white sands and stunning oceans. Thrill-seekers will experience a 60-second freefall onto the soft, golden sands of Mission Beach. It’s also the perfect opportunity to egg-on the weakest link in your group and make him a man.

#2 Skiing | Mt Hotham, VIC

If shredding the slopes is more your crew’s cup of tea, Mount Hotham in Victoria is the perfect getaway. At an elevation of 1750m, Mount Hotham is the highest resort in Victoria and its entire village is situated on top of a mountain. This means that you get to not only ski and snowboard but stay, dine and party with your boys 24/7. If the snow isn’t your jam, you can always ditch the ski goggles and laugh off your face-plants with some Aprés Ski beers at one of Hotham’s many bars and clubs.

#3 Shark Cave Diving | Adventure Bay, TAS

There’s nothing like coming face-to-face with one of Australia’s deadliest animals. And now you get to do it with all your boys in the same cage. Adventure Bay in Tasmania holds daily tours to view Great White’s in their natural habitat, enclosed in your choice of a hardened steel cage, or the world’s first shark ‘Aqua Sub’ – an underwater glass viewing area.

The tours take you and your crew of up to 27 from Port Lincoln marina to ‘Shark Bay’ at Neptune Island and as well as getting up close and personal with these sharp-tooth beasts, there are some pretty spectacular views, not to be missed.

#4 Canyoning | Weano Gorge, WA

For the crazy adventurous, Weano Gorge in Western Australia offers canyoning or a challenging scramble over boulders and through narrow passages – a perfect opportunity for your macho buddies to prove themselves without having to be alone if they get their arm caught under a boulder like that loser Franco guy in 27 Hours.

After all the hard yards of trekking, you and your crew will eventually reach the lower gorge where a surreal bowl of pristine water exists known as the Handrail Pool. Jump in – there’s no crocs, we promise.

#5 The Boat | Sydney, NSW

Looking for a traditional way to party that’s not on land? Your band of brothers will thank you when you pull up to the wharf in an elegantly appointed 95ft motor yacht with classic exterior styling and a stunning interior decor to match. It’s all about the Italian luxury on this multi-million dollar yacht which does its talking with 3 levels, 4 spacious cabins with ensuites and accommodation for up to 45 guests. Corey Worthington won’t know what hit him.

#6 Mountain Bike Riding | Cairns, QLD

If you and your chums are still craving the heat, without the lazing around, Mountain Bike Riding in sunny QLD is the perfect way to get out and about on your boy’s trip. Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef has hundreds of kilometres of trails suitable for riders of every skill.


If gruelling trails aren’t for you, there are more than 600 bike tours each day to the reef, rainforests, beaches and outback, ensuring your non-biking mates can enjoy the fun as well. It’s warm, tropical climate means you and your crew can tackle the array of mountain bike trails and enjoy a refreshing swim afterwards.

#7 Rent A Cave | Hatter’s Hideout, NSW

Don’t let your guy’s trip be confined to four conventional walls. Rent a man cave instead. Hatter’s Hideout in the Blue Mountains (which is actually listed on Airbnb) lets you and your dudes camp cave-dweller style and soak up the wilderness. Situated on eight private acres, the cave is 20 metres high, wide and deep and boasts panoramic views of Mount Wilson and Wollemi National Park. The Airbnb lister compares the cave to “a smalls shell of the Sydney Opera House (with better acoustics)”. This holiday option means optimal havoc-wreaking and plenty of time to rough it with your crew in the presence of Mother Nature. Kumbaya singalongs are optional.

#8 Surf Lessons | Coolangatta, QLD

Sometimes the beach is the best place for you and your crew to rev-up, relax and thank our lucky stars for this beautiful country. With plenty of ocean front bachelor pads, bars and restaurants for miles, Coolangatta in QLD offers a no fuss sand, sun and sightseeing holiday for you and your buddies. If you and your mates would rather rip into some sweet swells, there are plenty of prime surfing spots and lessons for board-riding novices.

#9 Medieval Brewery Tour | Cascade Brewery, TAS

If your pals enjoy the finer things in life and don’t mind a pint or two, a tour of the amazing Cascade Brewery in Tasmania is the perfect day out. Cascade is Australia’s oldest brewery designed by its founder, Peter Degraves who served time in the Old Hobart Gaol. Take in some history on a guided tour or enjoy a tasting paddle, or ten, at the Cascade Bar and Café.

#10 Hire A Treehouse | Blue Mountains, NSW

Live out your childhood fantasies and invite your crew to your very own treehouse. Nestled high in the tree-tops, The Blue Mountains offer plenty of treehouses available for hire if your boys want to ‘go bush’. With spectacular views of bush-clad ranges and beautiful sunrises, a treehouse is the ideal place for you and your friends to rave, recuperate and distance yourselves from the ruckus of city life. Plus, it’s the only place where clothing is optional and Tarzan-style hollering is acceptable.


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