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David Beckham Is The World’s Coolest Dad

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David Beckham is many things. Legendary footballer. Style icon. Model. Occasional actor. International superstar. Becks has bowled the world over with his professional achievements, but it’s a more personal role that really sets him apart from the pack.

Despite the paparazzi flashbulbs and global fame, Beckham’s family life is surprisingly… normal. His abs may be splashed across building-sized billboards, but that doesn’t stop Beckham from being a top-notch and totally cool pop.

Want to borrow some of Beckham’s dad swag? Here’s what makes him one of the best parents on the planet.

He’s Not Afraid To Get Sappy


Glance through Beckham’s Instagram account and you’ll find snap after snap celebrating his love for his family. Cuddles, smooches, compliments, and cute nicknames flow so freely that even the Grinch’s pint-sized heart would grow a size.

He Sets A Good Example


Some kids would find it hard to grow up in the shadow of a famous father, but in the Beckham clan, individuality is encouraged. That’s not to say Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper haven’t learned anything from Dad. They model, play soccer, are stars of social media, and so far seem as poised, polite, and fashionable as the man himself.

He Plays Dress-up


What the little lady wants, the little lady gets. Harper says Dad would look great with dangly earrings? He’ll sport them like the prettiest princess in the house. Harper wants papa to have a headband? Not only will he wear it, he’ll do it despite a thundering hangover.

He’ll Do Anything To Score Dad Points


Plenty of parents would prefer to amputate a limb than take their kids to Disneyland. Not only did Beckham happily take his brood to the most magical place on Earth, he even posed for a beaming photo with Elsa and Anna, Harper’s favourites from Frozen.

He Finds The Calm Amidst The Chaos


It’s hard to imagine a celebrity family ever being average, but Beckham does his best to make sure his kids lead normal lives. He’s raised them to value hard work and ambition, and encourages them to make their own way in the world.

He’s A Cultured Chap


Beckham has access to the best the world has to offer and he doesn’t squander a second of it. The Beckham kids are ultra-cultured, travelling the world, sitting courtside at major sporting events, attending fashion shows and posing on the red carpet at film premieres.

He Stands Up For What He Believes In


When the media criticised his daughter’s use of a dummy at age 4, Beckham hit back. He posted a scathing response on Instagram and stood up for all who have had their parenting skills questioned by complete strangers. Don’t mess with papa bear.

He’s A Hands-On Dad


Some celeb kids get handed off to nannies the second they’re home from the hospital, but that won’t do for daddy Beckham. He’s a hands-on father who takes his sons on fishing trips, teaches his daughter to ride a bike, trains them all in the family trade and proudly shows off his Father’s Day gifts.

He’s Way Too Cool


Sorry kids, you’ll never be cooler than your old man. He’s one of Britain’s best-dressed gents. He’s one of the finest athletes of all time. He married a pop star. He’s covered in ink. He knows exactly how cool he is, and he’s not afraid to knock your ego down a peg.

He Calls His Family His Greatest Achievement


Beckham indisputably became the king of all celeb fathers when he told interviewers that his greatest accomplishment, despite his many professional accolades, is his family. “What matters is being a good father and a good husband,” he said. “Being a dad is more important than football, more important than anything.” Let’s say it together: “Awww.”

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