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David Beckham: Retracing An Evolution Of Style

The following article has been sponsored by David Beckham Beyond

David Beckham is no doubt one of the world’s finest football players. He was the first English player to score at three World Cups and he also boasts the title of Officer in the Order Of The British Empire bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth II.

And he’s pretty darn stylish too. Pair that with his very (un-British) good looks and you have a superstar in the making. Today, the business of fashion is very much his game, getting involved with H&M and Belstaff of late. But, as Becks proves, style is evolutionary – and if anything – a man only gets better with age.

Pre-Rockstar Days


As a kid, Beckham was once rejected for a spot in the junior English league for being considered ‘too small’. Then, the UK’s most celebrated teams took an interest in him, and Beckham’s star rose; joining Manchester United in 1989 as a 14-year-old recruit in its development league.

He made his first Premier League appearance for Manchester United in 1995 and he soon became a huge part of the club’s success. But the footballer attained pop-culture status with Victoria Beckham two years on. ‘Posh and Becks’ the couple – and the empire, was born.

Today, he’s a style icon and fashion entrepreneur; designing and fronting campaigns for H&M underwear and sports collection as well as racking up a solid amount of best-dressed appearances on the red carpet. Victoria may have helped in the beginning, but Beckham has certainly grasped his own personal style.

Rising Through The Hair Ranks


As a teen, Beckham didn’t care for hair, with his super-blond, middle part locks flopping about in the breeze. Meeting Posh saw the fringe lengthen just a little and sweep to the left; the lengthy bang adding a touch of mystery to Becks in his new found fame.

He discovered bleached tips before going extreme, buzz-cutting his hair for a home-town, East London look – even with prisoner-shaved lines.

Then came the mohawk – Becks’ most reverenced and copied look by fans and celebs alike. From his landing-strip on top to the lengthier mo-quiff, Becks had a variety of the mohawk for years, proving his all-time favourite during his football career.

A small stint with (horrible) cornrows, gave Becks time to grow out his mane for the man-bun, before today’s ‘modern undercut’ – a disconnection between the top and the back and sides of the hair – took its place. What next, Becks?

The Footballer’s Wheels


Success comes with the financial power to stock up on nice cars. So, how does Becks get around? That depends on the day, of course. Beckham likes Porsche, having bought a black 997 convertible turbo for $100k and then spending $50k customising it.

Others in his arsenal include the 911 Carrera S Tiptronic, before Beckham went through a Lamborghini phase with the Gallardo. Real Madrid gifted him with an Audi A8 (as you do), but that couldn’t derail his penchant for British classics, owning several Bentley’s (like the Mulsanne) and his all-time favourite – Rolls Royce.

Turning forty, biker Beckham emerged; riding hard and fast on a Ducati, followed by a Fifties chopper. Then, he custom built a Knucklehead from parts sourced back to the Twenties and Forties. But his daily ride is a Sixties Norton. So many options, it’s unfair really.

A Wardrobe Revolution


Ah, Fash’n (that’s how an East London chap would say it). The style devil is easily today’s answer to Steve McQueen, rocking tailored pieces when it matters and easy loungewear jerseys for off-duty comfort. A lover of a little gruff, Beckham is never squeaky clean, rocking leather jackets with washed out dark denim and vintage boots.

He favours a Superwool 100 suit on the red carpet, and isn’t shy on athletic kit – always black – featuring shorts and shirts snapped up from his own designs. Beckham’s thematic approach to style sees him play many roles, too.

There is Beckham the biker and Brooklyn hipster Becks; James Bond Beckham and David Beckham Esquire – the English gent. He has the style power to be anyone he wants, whenever he wants.

London Ink


One look at Beckham and it’s obvious he likes tattoos. But, each one (of the numerous) tattoos that make up his sleeve, are essentially a symbol of his life.

Of the tattoos, in his book ‘Both Feet On The Ground’ the father-of-four and husband said: “They’re about the important people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want to have with me always. When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They’re part of me.”

The thing is, Beckham’s tattoos are an outward representation of an inner feeling, which makes the ink – not a a mere fashion statement – but more like a declaration of what makes him get up in the morning.

He dresses in white, black and other neutrals to let the ink do the talking. Becks wants the tattoos be the feature print – names, words and faces of important things – and nothing else.

The Model Father Figure

These days, nothing is as important to Becks – not even fast cars, good hair and expensive clothes – than his kids. His Instagram is testament to that; with shots of his three sons and daughter filling up his feed.

The cool thing about Beckham is that he doesn’t departmentalise his life: family, fashion and business endeavours – they all seamlessly roll into one incredibly mixed life.

It’s easy to take a look at Beckham and say he has it easy. But like a normal man, he goes with the challenges and daily highs, teaching his children all that he’s learned along the way. Incredible style, included.

Beyond The Norm


When a man reaches the prime of his life, there’s only one thing left to do: Go beyond to share his story. David Beckham Beyond is a new fragrance that marks the culmination of a true gentleman in the making. From the field, to the red carpet to the family gatherings, Beyond is a fragrance that is made for the man with an unyielding desire to challenge and win.

The masculine scent opens on a refreshing mojito accord with an invigorating hit of grapefruit and spicy cardamom. After the sophisticated greeting comes a vibrant burst of black pepper, mixed with the assertive masculinity of cedarwood and geranium. The heart melts into an intense and textured trail, finishing off with a charismatic signature of patchouli, vanilla and leather.

The result is a fragrance that mirrors the man it was named after. Confident. Glamourous. Compelling. Timeless. Modern. Beyond is refined, sensual and daring – David Beckham distilled into a bottle, for the man who never settles with second place.

Beyond by David Beckham will be available in two sizes: 60ml ($39) and 90ml ($49). Look for the fragrance in Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and independent pharmacies nationally starting August 2015.

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