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Frustrated F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Just Wants To End The ‘Torture’

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2015 has been a disappointing year for Red Bull’s Formula One team. With Renault announcing plans to stop supplying engines to Formula One teams next year, driver Daniel Ricciardo is left in the lurch.

Ricciardo described the ongoing issues between Red Bull and Renault as “torture.” Following a string of successes last year, 2015 has seen just one podium finish for the team. Renault’s uncompetitive engine has been blamed for the losses.

Now, with a Red Bull-Renault split on the horizon, the F1 team is scrambling to find a new engine. There are just three other engine suppliers in the sport: Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda. After being rebuffed by Mercedes, Red Bull is expected to go with Ferrari. As for Ricciardo, he says he doesn’t care who they choose as long as Red Bull has a better shot at the podium.


“My preference is what’s fastest … whichever is going to give us the better chance of victory is what I want,” he said ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. “If it gets us a better chance to win, I don’t really care what it is at this stage.”


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