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Kenny Belaey Defies Death To Ride A Slackline Over A 112m Drop

Make sure your last meal is completely settled in your stomach before you watch this one. Belgian Red Bull athlete and 9-time world trial bike champion Kenny Belaey has completed a vertigo-inducing feat in the French Alps: riding a slackline over a 112m drop.

More than a year of preparation and six months of intensive training went into honing Belaey’s mind-blowing balance. Cue the Rocky-style montage.

With his training complete, Belaey tackled the task in La Plagne. The narrow slackline stretched from rock to rock over 18m at an altitude of 2700m. The spectacular footage not only proves that Belaey is perfectly in balance (and suicidally brave), but gives him a world first: riding a highline on a bike. Try to remember to breathe when you watch it.



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