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Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ To Be Adapted Into TV Series

The 2011 hyper-intelligence thriller, ‘Limitless’ is returning in the form of a CBS TV series.

Bradley Cooper will be reprising his lead role as Eddie Mora, a man who discovers the mysterious drug NZT, which allows him to learn faster and recall memories from his past. Cooper will star in the first episode of ‘Limitless’, and depending on his filming schedule, will make appearances throughout the series.

The series will take a departure from the original film with Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman (who appeared in Cooper’s film ‘American Sniper’) becoming involved with NZT and being coerced to use his drug-enhanced abilities to solve weekly cases for the FBI. Sounds a bit like CSI on drugs.

Although Bradley Cooper may only appear in the pilot episode of ‘Limitless’, he’s no stranger to TV series. Cooper appeared in ‘Alias’ alongside Jennifer Garner and is also reprising another film role in Netflix’s adaptation of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’.

‘Limitless’ premieres Tuesday, September 22 on CBS. Check out the trailer above.


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