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A Man’s Guide To Buying A Cool & Affordable Dining Table

The dining table is an essential piece of furniture for any functioning man cave. Regardless of how large (or small) your home, everyone needs a place to set down his food and dig in.

Admittedly, TV dinners are convenient, but there are certain degustations that just aren’t compatible with the sofa. And of course, nobody wants to invite a date over for a romantic meal with nowhere to eat it. Substituting your lap for a table may spoil the mood. The best type of table is one that lasts a lifetime without pillaging your savings. Finding carefully-crafted and sturdy pieces is simpler than you think. Behold.

Tough As Nails

Dining table


Before considering aesthetics and added features, your first concern should be strength and durability. The ultimate in muscleman longevity can be found in Australian hardwoods like Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.

The beauty of these options is that they remain cheaper than European counterparts including mahogany or Asian favourites like teak. Avoid composite woods if possible, as these thrifty tables lack the strength of natural hardwood.

An economical approach to this look is a second-hand (antique, if you will) wooden table. A supreme choice for families or share homes, the worry of scratching a new table is erased. Instead, these worn wonders embrace wear and tear, and make minor scuffs or gouges character building talking points.

Tip: apply a coat of hard wax to second-hand tabletops every year (more frequently if you entertain regularly).

Own Your Chair Game

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Pick a set of chairs that add character to the table rather than boring backrests that lack oomph. The two ‘head’ chairs should be standout, masculine items and we endorse Eames replicas for a designer look. Mix and match the remaining seats for an eclectic result.

A timber table with leather seats adds a manly vibe to culinary proceedings. The best thing about this combination is its ability to complement most interior style. Or try something different and opt for bench seating and gazelle dining chairs in elm, burr elm and leather.

Through The Looking Glass

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Whether you’re a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy, it’s important to remember that we couldn’t have either without the glass itself. So adopt the translucent and buy a glass dining table. Suitable for small or dark rooms, the reflective surface will add space, dimension and light to a cramped area.

Antique glass is appealing, but it is recommended you stick with newer tables constructed with tempered safety glass to guard against potential damage or shattering.

Gentlemen Of The Round Table

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Angular tables aren’t always fitting, especially if you have limited space to work with. The more intimate – less formal – arrangement of a round design lends itself to family meals and friendly gatherings, and makes it easier to squeeze in a few extra comrades.

The latest trend in communal dining is oval-shaped tables. Much like the popular rectangular table, the versatile shape is a clever solution to awkward rooms with sparse floor space or narrow passages. Round tables with a single leg are also effective at creating extra legroom.

Marble Living 

Dining table

A solid marble table can leave a lasting impression, but it can also leave a lasting debt. Instead, look for a piece that merges timber with marble accents. Going down this route will save more than money; your spine will offer its thanks in endurance and any time you move house.

Its tendency to crack under pressure is also a drawback in purchasing a pure marble table and constant cleaning is needed to keep it in tip-top shape.

Colour Consideration

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Colour is best kept to the chairs, as these pieces can be swapped or replaced as your tastes change or trends alter, though try not to become bogged down in trends and wacky combinations. Black is best for a classic and timeless look, but always treat dark surfaces with care, as any blemish will be obvious. Find a tabletop without a veneer finish for less chance of noticeable damage. 


Industrial Cool 

Dining table

One of our favourite dining trends for 2015 is the use of aluminium and steel. Chic, sophisticated, strong, masculine, and all the adjectives you’d hope friends would use to describe your character, a steel table is the ultimate in modern dining.

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