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Medieval Florence Convent Converted Into Modern Loft

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A convent was never near the top of places you’d like to live. Until now. Superfuturedesign transformed a medieval Florence convent into a stunning loft apartment you’d happily call home (or at least temporarily Airbnb).

Living in a former convent presents unique obstacles. Only one room had a direct view of the outside world, so Superfuturedesign opened a massive window on the terrace to flood the entire home with natural light. The largest challenge was redesigning the layout, which required removing partitions stratified in centuries and carving away the masonry in order to reveal the loft’s original elements.

The current layout optimises every bit of space available, with the kitchen and dining room at the centre. The owner requested a large space in which to cook and entertain, so the kitchen was outfitted with modern stainless steel appliances and the living space is open and inviting. Throughout, the beautiful loft deftly blends old-school Italian architecture with new-school Italian design.


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