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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [24.09.15]

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1 of 12|VW vs CO2
2 of 12|BMW i8 LAPD
3 of 12|Tesla Model S LAPD
4 of 12|BAC Mono
5 of 12|BAC Mono Marine Edition
6 of 12|BAC Mono Marine Edition
7 of 12|BAC Mono Marine Edition
8 of 12|BAC Mono Marine Edition
9 of 12|BMW M1 Safety Car
10 of 12|BMW M1 Safety Car
11 of 12|BMW M1 Safety Car
12 of 12|2016 Ford Focus RS

It’s that time of week again as we hit up the world of motoring straight off the back of a huge Frankfurt Motor Show. In this edition it’s all about VW’s future after a massive emissions scandal, some very quick police cars and Ford’s development documentary for the hotly anticipated 2016 Ford Focus RS.

#1 Volkwagen Is In Big Trouble With The EPA

Volkswagen have been caught equipping more than 11 million diesel cars around the world with cheat software which has allowed them to pass stringent U.S emissions tests.

All three brands under the VW name are affected including Audi and Skoda. The software installed into the cars’ computers basically allows the vehicle to recognise the start of an emissions test before putting it into ‘full compliance’ mode. Once the test cycles are completed, the cars would return to default mode, offering better driving performance but putting out a higher emissions signature than what the EPA regulations have allowed.

The massive scandal could potentially take down the German company with the CEO Martin Winterkorn today resigning under immense pressure and $41.5 billion wiped from the company’s value. Add to this a maximum of $25 billion in penalties pending from the US alone on top of the costs for recalling 11 million cars worldwide and you’re well and truly up scheisse creek.

#2 BMW i8 & Tesla Model S LAPD Cars

The City of Angels received some cool arsenal over the week with BMW and Tesla both handing over their fastest electric road cars ever built to the authorities. Both the cars’ performance remains stock but you really don’t need anymore given the i8’s 362hp and the Model S’ 416hp. Decked out in the classic LAPD livery, these are no promo cars. The LAPD will use the eco-friendly enforcers to chase down criminals and speedsters. The electric fuzz is coming for you.

#3 BAC Mono Marine Edition

If you can afford the single-seater BAC Mono at $130,000 a pop, you can afford your own super yacht. That was BAC’s logic anyway so they went ahead and created the Mono Marine Edition. The name affords the car anti-corrosion coating, special hoist points for transporting the car in and out of yachts, a carbon fibre davit arm and a climate controlled container to store the cars in on board.

Besides these cool features, the British track car doesn’t stray far in specs from the standard 2.5-litre Cosworth-powered Ford engine which produces 305hp and gets the car to 100km/h in 2.8s. Watch the Mono in action via Top Gear below.

#4 BMW Create The Coolest 1M Coupe

With only 6,300 samples built, the 1M is already a special car in its own right. BMW have gone one further though and prepared one even more rare for the MotoGP – the M1 Safety Car. The car comes with classic BMW race livery as well as a vented carbon bonnet and rear wing, lexan windows and an Akrapovic lightweight titanium race exhaust system to keep the buzzing on par with the bikes.

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#5 Ford Focus RS Development Documentary

The wild Ford Focus RS is well on its way to Australian shores and to further boost international interest in the rally-bred hatch, Ford have released a cool documentary of the car’s development phase called Rebirth of An Icon. This is the first in an 8-part series that will be released over the coming weeks, with Ken Block featuring as the car’s test driver.




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