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Specialized Create The Ultimate Road Bike Without Rules

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What if we told you that today’s road bike wasn’t supposed to look the way it does? What if instead, we said that the future of road racing is actually within reach, but a little group of party-poopers called the Union Cycliste Internationale have been predetermining the way that competition bikes should be designed?

Well you’d throw your two middle fingers up and design a bike that the people deserve regardless. That’s exactly what Robert Egger, Specialized’s Creative Director, has done in his spare time and the result is a concept cheekily named the fUCI (pronounced ‘Eff You See Eye’).

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For this solo project, Egger allowed his imagination and sketching do the talking, ignoring all the basics of the UCI’s technical regulations. What he created can be considered as the evolution of the roadbike, or at least a seriously sexy teaser for it.

In his Very Special Things post for Specialized, Egger explained, “I didn’t look at every UCI limitation per se.”

“I just started with the fact that I’m not going to be limited by wheel size, I’m not going to be limited by tubing diameter or tubing shape, I’m not going to be limited by aerodynamic advantage, and I’m not going to be limited by, you know, not being able to have a cargo area where I can carry stuff. So really, there were no rules.”

If ‘sexy’ was a rule, Egger has sure nailed that one. We hope the Formula One power brokers and FIA are also listening.

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