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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #46

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1 of 6|Luna Lantern
2 of 6|Luxury Foosball Table By Pure
3 of 6|Stella Artois Nova Draft Beer Device
4 of 6|Hoverboard
5 of 6|Veuve Clicquot X Adam Goodrum Riddling Stool
6 of 6|Trident Underwater Drone

It’s time to take out that second mortgage as we bring you the coolest money-burners to land this week. Can’t be bothered flying to the moon? Buy one instead. Can’t be bothered walking? Hit up the latest hoverboard which will give you Marty McFly swagger. Money time!

#1 Luna Lantern

Bring the moon to your home with Luna Lantern, the latest interior lighting kit that will change the way you see the humble lightbulb. The ambient lighting comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 32-inches all the way to a massive 236-inches in diameter. The lights can be powered by either LED or Halogen bulbs with adjustable brightness to achieve the perfect mood lighting. Want one? Get in quick – they’re selling like hot cakes on IndieGoGo and the next shipment isn’t due until May 2016.

Price: +$75/BUY


#2 Luxury Foosball Table By Pure

The rules of the game are simple, but the rules of design? Boundless. Taking that notion, Pure have gone off and re-worked the classic Foosball table into a fine work of art. The sleek and modern design was created by Brussels designer Alain Gilles who was contracted by French footballer Mathieu Debuchy’s company to create the table. The unit can be finished in a choice of white or black and is individually numbered for that exclusive feel.
Price: $8,092/BUY

#3 Stella Artois Nova Draft Beer Dispenser

Stella for morning tea? You betcha. The Stella Artois Nova Draft Beer Device was designed for bars and restaurants but can easily be hooked up to your home bar or lounge room if your thirsty little heart desires. The device allows for free-flowing icy Stella without the need to install a full-scale tap system. If the Stella looks hella good, that’s because it was meticulously designed over a year by acclaimed industrial designer Marc Thorpe. The glass vessel holds up to 12-litres of icy-cold Stella whilst the double-layered dispenser keeps carbonation active for an entire month.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Hoverboard

The name is rather misleading as the Hoverboard doesn’t actually hover, but more so balances on one centrally mounted wheel to appear that way. The Silicon Valley based company are following suit of the now commonplace Segueway mobility device but making things a lot cooler with sleek designs and LEDs for a more futuristic feel. The Hoverboard can reach 25km/h and travel a range of 16km. How do you stop? Good question. That’s taken care of with an internal management unit whilst robust materials such as magnesium ensure it can take a fall as hard as you.

Price: $3,775/BUY

#5 Veuve Clicquot x Adam Goodrum Riddling Stool

Every man needs a place to park their rear and stash their booze. You can now do both in style with a collaborative stool by Australian Designer Adam Goodrum and Veuve Clicquot. Called the Riddling Stool, the lightweight foldable unit can hold up to 6 bottles of your finest drop once unfolded. Hang it on a wall or take it to a mate’s BBQ, just remember that they’re limited pieces and will be prone to getting swiped. Watch the design process below.

Price: $600/BUY

#6 Trident Underwater Drone

With the endless number of air drones available today, one company that has taken it deep down the other direction is Trident. Explore the underwater world and catch a few mermen with a drone equipped with three hours of dive time, a HD camera and LED lights. The Trident is controlled with a twin thruster design that can be both rapid through the water and highly agile for filming. The device is tethered with a lightweight cable to ensure uninterrupted vision during the deep sea exploration.

Price: +$950/BUY



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