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10 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For Men With No Imagination

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1 of 10|Photo In A Cool Frame (Perfect For The Nostalgic Couple)
2 of 10|Two Pocket Squares (Perfect For The Gay Couple)
3 of 10|A Killer Coffee Book (Perfect For The Reading Couple)
4 of 10|Wine For The Ages (Perfect For The Drinking Couple)
5 of 10|If In Doubt, Go Missoni Home (Perfect For The Stay-At-Home Couple)
6 of 10|A Watch (Perfect For The Husband To Be)
7 of 10|A Charity Donation (Perfect For The Philanthropic Couple)
8 of 10|Day At The Spa (Perfect For The Stressed Couple)
9 of 10|Louis Vuitton Travel Compendium (Perfect For The Globetrotting Couple)
10 of 10|In-Home Cook & Lessons (Perfect For The Culinary Couple)

We don’t need to tell you that the sacred act of marriage is a special one. The all encompassing wedding gift that you’ve been mulling over? That can often get tedious, pointless and repetitive. Well no more. We’ve done the hard yards to compile a list of the most unique and functional gifts that you won’t find at a dodgy garage sale a few months down from the big day. No imagination? No worries.

#1 Photo In A Cool Frame

Perfect For The Nostalgic Couple – Collect those moments you’ve spent with the married couple and choose the best one to frame and give as a gift. We love perspex frames that are simple, stylish and heavy. Write something on the back of the photo that can be seen when it’s flipped over. Something like ‘Suckers!!!’ should suffice.

#2 Two Pocket Squares

Perfect For The Gay Couple – Possibly the most forgotten men’s fashion accessory at a wedding is the basic pocket square. Go Italian, white and get it embroidered with something cool. Like the wedding date or a cock and balls. Definitely to be worn on the big day.

#3 A Killer Coffee Book

Perfect For The Reading Couple – Find a common interest of the couple and choose a hard cover coffee table book. It could be photography, or design or architecture. Write something nice in the cover so they always know who it’s from. For example, ‘Dear Jerkfaces…’

#4 Wine For The Ages

Perfect For The Drinking Couple – A bottle of wine to open in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. If they get divorced in the first 12 months then you get it back. We call that a win-win.

#5 If In Doubt, Go Missoni Home

Perfect For The Stay-At-Home Couple – Buying stuff for the house is often fraught with danger. If they’re a cool couple get them a Missoni throw rug for the couch. They’re not cheap but they will own it for years and they can tell everyone what an awesome person you are.

#6 A Watch

Perfect For The Husband To Be – If you’re the partner of the husband to be, perhaps a watch is a spacial way to celebrate the occasion. Baume & Mercier are one brand which is known as the watch you give to celebrate an occasion. My ex-girlfriend thought this was a terrible idea. Who’s laughing now?!

#7 A Charity Donation

Perfect For The Selfless Couple – Sometimes gift giving in addition to an expensive wedding is just too much. Why not donate an amount to the bride and groom’s favourite charity? You’ll not only add to your karma pot but also probably get lucky at said wedding.

#8 Day At The Spa

Perfect For The Stressed-out Wife – When the wedding is all said and done, said wife is going to be a little bit shagged (literally too) from all the people and work. Shout her a few hours at a day spare to chill the f*** out, recharge and prepare for a life of misery.

#9 Louis Vuitton Travel Compendium

Perfect For The Globetrotting Couple – Seeing as the couple are out of money and probably heading on a really expensive holiday somewhere, why not get them an initialled travel wallet from Louis Vuitton or Gucci. They will use it for every international trip and it will always remind them of your thoughtful awesomeness.

#10 In-Home Cook & Lessons

Perfect For The Culinary Couple – Let’s be honest, cooking is a chore for most so help the newly weds get the most out of their kitchen and get a kick-ass chef to teach them how to cook at home. Own ingredients, space and selection of blunt knives that couldn’t cut butter. Can you feel the love in your chicken loins?


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