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Vibrant Parisian Chic At Surrealist Hotel Montana

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It’s a given that Paris is known for its style and surrealist art, and Hotel Montana is no exception to that.

Formally a popular Parisian jazz club of the 1950’s frequented by designers and a left-bank literary crowd alike, La Montana is now one the city’s most exclusive clubs and it’s seven stories above are home to boutique hotel and restaurant Le Gauche Cavier.

Architect Elizabeth Lemercier and designer Vincent Darré knocked down all interior walls of the hotel to create single suites on each floor, welcoming incredible amounts of space and plenty of natural light. Each floor pays homage to a different Parisian artist or figure. For instance, the first-floor suite ‘Gris Paris’ is dedicated to French artist Christian Berard and features Surrealist-style furniture. While the third-floor ‘Bleu Acide’ is a nod to Braque and Picasso with hand-painted panels and rich blue furnishings.

In the words of Darreé, “…the people who stay in this hotel are a little rock and roll”.


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