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Australia’s Capital Is Legalising Uber In A World First

You may have noticed a shortage of Uber drivers on the road as the NSW Government amp up their efforts to take down the ride-sharing service with further suspensions and fines. Yet, the country’s capital is welcoming Uber with open arms.


The ACT will be the first Australian government to legalise and regulate Uber with approved operations starting as soon as October 30.

In order to combat the Uber vs. Taxi conflict, Canberra will be reducing fees for taxi and hire car owners and cutting their operating costs so they can compete with ride-sharing services like Uber. They’re even resorting to ditching taxi driver uniforms and giving cabbies access to different modes of business, from traditional rank-and-hail work to ride sharing and third-party taxi booking apps.

Cheers to a fair go, Canberra.



The playbook for the modern man

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