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Adidas Join Nike In The 3D-Printed Sneaker Race

The sneaker game just moved up a notch with Adidas unveiling their first ever 3D-printed midsole destined for the brand’s Futurecraft running line.

This advanced manufacturing technique comes hot off the back of Nike’s announcement that they’ll be experimenting more with 3D-printed shoes in the very near future. For Adidas, taking the route of 3D printing allows for a whole new scope of bespoke sports shoemaking. Midsoles will match the contours and pressure points of the wearer exactly whilst providing unprecedented levels of support and cushioning.

It would appear Adidas isn’t taking this concept as just another PR stunt either, as the program will see the brand implementing performance data to drive the bespoke design in satisfying the needs of every kind of athlete.

Watch the raw silhouette of the first Adidas 3D-printed sneaker being created in the video above.

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