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Apple Has Biggest Year Yet, Could Be First Trillion Dollar American Company

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The Steve Jobs movie may be a box office flop, but Apple is having their best year ever. The company recently reported eye-popping earnings for the fiscal 2015 fourth quarter: US$51.5 billion in revenue.

In case your brain flatlined for a second seeing that number, here it is again: US$51.5 billion.

That’s up from US$42.1 billion during the same quarter last year. Profit was US$11.1 billion, a boost from the US$8.5 billion Apple achieved a year ago. In all, the company’s revenue grew 28 percent to nearly US$234 billion in 2015.

Not only does this mean Apple has scored the largest profit in corporate history, it could also mean Apple is on track to be the first trillion dollar American company. PetroChina, a Beijing-based oil and gas company, briefly achieved the trillion-dollar distinction back in 2007, but their current worth is estimated at US$369 billion. In May 2015, Forbes valued Apple at US$741.8 billion and dubbed it “The Most Valuable Brand in the World.”

How’s your rent looking this month?


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