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You’re So Vain Australia: Which State Spends The Most On Their Looks?

Here at D’Marge we believe there’s no shame in caring about your looks and if you have the money to spend on them, why not? In fact, Australians are particularly good at spending money on their physical appearance with a recent report finding that we are dishing out almost $100 billion a year just to look good.


Suncorp Bank’s ‘Cost Of Looking Good’ Report, which was released today, found that Aussies spend $8 billion a month on everything from clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery, hairdressing and hair products, skincare services and products, cosmetics, personal grooming, manicures and pedicures. The list goes on.

But which state is the most vain? The award goes to Victoria. The self-proclaimed fashion capital is apparently home to the biggest spenders, burning up 19% more than the national average at $707 a month. NSW is a close second, spending a monthly average of $669.

By the way, it’s not just your girlfriend that’s blowing out the state’s monthly average. The report debunks the men vs. women vanity debate, revealing that while women spend nearly twice as long as men on looking good at home (100 minutes a week compared to 60 minutes), men who had purchased hair products, cosmetics, and fashion in the past four weeks spent significantly more than women. To be exact, guys outspent girls by a whopping 74% on skincare products.

In general, Australians love to look good. Whether it be for a partner or themselves, the average Aussie spends more than half a day each month sculpting, shaving, grooming, and beautifying.

Looking good, feeling great.



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