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Austria Gives Hoverboards The Green Light

Happy Back To The Future Day. In the 1989 classic ‘Back To The Future II’, Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown time travel to October 21st 2015, today’s date.


While the reality of our present is pretty far off what Back To The Future expected: flying cars and shoes that tie themselves, we are one step closer with Austria legalising hoverboards.

Austria’s transport ministry has given hoverboards the green light, treating them as “small off-road vehicles” that could be used “anywhere a skateboard is”. The only catch? If you wanted to use the rocket-powered Pit Bull hoverboard from Back To The Future you’d need a pilot’s certificate and flight authorisation, and a nautical permit if it was to be used on water.

There’s also the fact that while several firms have produced prototypes, hoverboards are yet to become commercially available.

It’s not all bad, though. Nike are working on sneakers with self-tightening ‘power laces’ like the ones from Back To The Future so some of your October 21st, 2015 dreams can come true.



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