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5 Hottest Car Releases From Tokyo Motor Show

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1 of 15|Mazda RX-Vision
2 of 15|Mazda RX-Vision
3 of 15|Mazda RX-Vision
4 of 15|Mazda RX-Vision
5 of 15|Yamaha Sports Ride Concept By Gordon Murray
6 of 15|Yamaha Sports Ride Concept By Gordon Murray
7 of 15|Yamaha Sports Ride Concept By Gordon Murray
8 of 15|2016 Honda NSX
9 of 15|2016 Honda NSX
10 of 15|2016 Honda NSX
11 of 15|2016 Honda NSX
12 of 15|Mercedes Benz Vision
13 of 15|Mercedes Benz Vision
14 of 15|Subaru WRX STI S207
15 of 15|Subaru WRX STI S207

It’s motor show time and this week sees the neon city serving up some of the most advanced cars Japan has to offer. The name of the game? The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. We’ve already visited the weird and wacky of Japanese motoring in the past, so sit back and witness the technology and performance of future mobility.

#1 Mazda RX-Vision

The legendary rotary has returned. That’s the idea anyway. Mazda have given their strongest indication yet that the wankel-rotary engine is not dead by unveiling their latest successor to the famous RX-line of cars. Under the bonnet of the RX-Vision is a brand new SkyActiv-R rotary combustion engine.

The car has the motoring world gasping for more as the platform is considered the pinnacle of Mazda’s performance range. Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive and Mazda’s signature Kodo (wind) design. Find out how the Mazda CEO and Chief Designer plan to resurrect the rotary.

#2 Yamaha Sports Ride Concept By Gordon Murray

If the English name sounds familiar it’s because the car’s collaborator is the man who created the iconic McLaren F1. In a joint partnership with the motorcycle manufacturer, Murray has applied his iStream manufacturing process to create a compact sportscar which mimics the sensation of riding a sportsbike on four wheels.

Think Mazda MX-5 but even lighter, tipping the scales at a minuscule 748kg. The Yamaha Sports Ride’s power unit is an in-line 3-cylinder capable of throwing the small car around corners at ballistic speeds.

#3 2016 Honda NSX

The 2016 Honda NSX has spent well over a decade in development and delays so it’s only fair to show it once more at the show before production begins. What the final customer will get for US$150,000 is Honda’s most advanced performance car ever built.

Twin electric motors up front, twin turbo mid-engined V6 in the back and SH-AWD (Super-Handling All Wheel Drive) to put the power down – that’s 427kW and 646Nm. We sure do hope the coin is worth the hype of this McLaren/R8 bastard child which weighs 1725kg.

#4 Mercedes-Benz Vision

Time to get wacky and who better to do it than Mercedes-Benz with a futuristic minivan made for lazy millennials. Powered by a hybrid-hydrogen fuel cell, the car lights up to the beat of your tunes, features holographic controls and is always connected to the cloud for reasons unknown to the average driver. Did we ask for one? Hell no. Is it entertaining to look at? Absolutely.

#5 Subaru WRX STI S207

It’s another Subaru WRX special edition and this one’s an angry little bastard. Finished in killer bee yellow, the S207 is a limited production run of only 400 units made for the Japanese market. Why’s it so special? Subaru Technica International have squeezed out every last ounce of performance from the stock WRX STI, pushing the 2.0-litre turbo boxer engine to pump out 323hp and a tyre burning 431Nm.

Other tweaks include chassis reinforcement parts, adjustable Bilstein suspension, 19-inch BBS rims, a big carbon wing and leather Recaro seats. And here we thought Subaru had grown up.

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