The One Big Problem With The New James Bond Cars

Very soon, a new crop of badass Bond cars will grace big screens in Spectre. We’re more than a little excited for the Jaguar C-X75, the modified Land Rover Defender, the new Range Rover Sport SVR and the specially-made Aston Martin DB10.

But we’re also a little disappointed, because there’s one glaring problem with the new 007 rides: you can’t buy a single one of them.

The Land Rover Defender was once on sale, and even had its production deadline pushed back due to high demand, but the order books were closed earlier this year. The Jaguar C-X75 supercar is an intriguing concept that has failed to go into production more than once. Aston Martin built just ten DB10s, all to be driven by Bond or his stunt doubles and no one else.

Then there’s the Range Rover Sport SVR. This is the closest you can get to driving like a superspy. JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations will actually build you one, if you have more than $100,000 to drop for the privilege. But the Spectre SVR was built bespoke for Bond, so it’s packed with features – like power upgrades and a fully integrated roll-cage – that the masses will never see.

Isn’t the point of getting your car on film to boost sales? Alas, these guys are just showing off.

The crazy automotive mayhem of Spectre will hit cinemas in November.

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