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Brewtein ‘Fitness Beer’ Combines Your Two Favourite Six-Packs

Any personal trainer will tell you that six-packs of beer don’t usually lead to six-pack abs, but one man is hoping to change that. Blake Konrardy is a brew lover, fitness fan and dreamer of big dreams. He is also the genius attempting to launch a line of “fitness beers” via Kickstarter.


His company, Supplemental Brewing, has announced two protein-fortified beers called Brewtein and NutriBeer. Brewtein is an American wheat ale injected with seven grams of whey protein. NutriBeer, a light lager, is a low carb beer with four grams of protein for those looking to limit their calorie intake.

Konrardy is so confident in the future success of his protein-packed brews that he quit his job at an insurance company to focus on making them full time. He even hopes to open a “protein focused brew-pub” that serves protein beers and food.

Workout, meet Weekend. You two are going to become great friends.



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