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The Buyer Of Michael Jordan’s $15M Mansion Gets Every Pair Of Air Jordans

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Earlier this week we took you on a tour of Michael Jordan’s insane Illinois mansion. Maybe you were intrigued by the wine cellar, the island and the over-the-top walk-through videos, but weren’t convinced it’s worth the US$14,885,000 price tag.

In that case, here’s something to sweeten the deal. Real estate agent Kofi Nartey told Maxim that the outrageous estate’s new owner will also receive “a pair of every edition of signature Air Jordans in the buyer’s size.”

Technically the closet full of sneakers isn’t an official perk of owning Jordan’s crib, but the man with the bank balance to buy it will get the sneakers if he wants them. Along with anything else he wants. “If the price is right, we can make almost anything happen,” Nartey says.


Add that promise to the tricked out gym, 15 heated garage spaces and the full-service beauty salon, and Jordan may have himself a deal. For more information on the estate, visit


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