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Facebook Will Notify You If Your Account Is Under Attack

While it’s always been Facebook company policy to track malicious third parties watching your social media activity, the social network have just upped their game with a new kind of notification that will pop if your account is believed to be the target of a government-backed attack.


Attack? You may ask. Facebook says state sponsored attacks, whether overseas or local, tend to be more advanced and dangerous and therefore require a different degree of protection.

When monitors see that your account is being targeted by outside surveillance they will notify you immediately and link you to your account settings so you can adjust your privacy and log-in approval.

Apparently, if your account is compromised it may indicate that your computer or device has been infected with malware which Facebook says is something you should sort out stat.

Facebook aren’t alone in their new protection policies either. Google introduced a similar notification for suspected state-sponsored attacks back in 2012.

While it’s unlikely you’ll receive one of these notifications, it’s probably a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication, just in case. Hackers beware.

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