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Your Old Facebook Posts Are Now Searchable

No longer will you need to trawl through your newsfeed to find that hilarious video someone posted in the wee hours of last night. Facebook‘s search bar has been transformed from a tool to stalk the girl you met last weekend, to a news search tool.


Facebook has begun indexing the entirety of its 2 trillion posts so that by typing a phrase e.g. ‘World Cup’ or ‘Donald Trump’ into the search bar, you’ll be shown all user posts relating to that subject. It’s all about seeing what the internet is talking about in real time.

Apparently, the search function on Facebook already generates 1.5 billion hits a day and as such, the social network is turning it into a vehicle for discussion accessible to anyone. The results will start with authoritative sources like news organizations, and as you scroll will show up with what your friends are liking, commenting and saying, followed by strangers’ discussions on the topic.

A word of advice: if you don’t want your posts available for the world to see, review your privacy settings so you can tailor it.

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