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Freerunning On The Iconic Rooftops Of Santorini

The picturesque island of Santorini is stunning at any time, but throw in the surreal athleticism of the Red Bull Art of Motion, and the Greek isle becomes breathtaking.

2015 saw the world’s best freerunners return to Santorini with an array of gravity-defying tricks. Contestants performed freerunning and parkour stunts across the challenging natural course of Santorini’s whitewashed architecture. Every inch of available rooftop, balcony, bell tower and ledge was flipped off, jumped over, spun on and dropped from in spectacular fashion.

For the second consecutive year, 20-year-old Greek Dimitris Kyrsanidis emerged victorious, beating out 17 other contestants from 13 countries to claim the freerunning crown. Watch the highlights of the Red Bull Art of Motion 2015 above.



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