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Heesen Takes Hybrid Superyachting To Luxurious New Heights

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Superyachts and environmentally-friendly are two terms that you rarely see in the same sentence. Luxury yacht maker Heesen are looking to change this with their most ambitious craft to date called Project Nova.

With a formidable portfolio of ground-breaking luxury crafts already under its belt, the Dutch company has embarked on a different kind of challenge by creating a modern superyacht which combines innovation, fuel efficiency and peaceful cruising like never before.

The length of the craft spans 50 metres and houses everything from a gym to a sauna to an expansive entertainment space – and that’s just the inside. On the deck you get multiple levels of extravagance with a jacuzzi, sun beds and dedicated outdoor seating for guests.


This is where all the typical superyacht perks end though. Project Nova is powered by moderately-sized, ultra-efficient engines which drive an innovative hull design to ensure that it can achieve a respectable top speed of 16.3 knots whilst simultaneously increasing its range and reducing fuel consumption by 30%.

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This a commendable feat from any major yacht maker and will no doubt keep those Greenpeace pirates at bay. Project Nova however has even more up its sleeve. Two alternative electric shaft-driven motors are included onboard to help drive the yacht to cruising speeds of up to 9 knots without the main engines needing to be turned on. These electric motors are rated as being so quiet that those on board will barely even realise the craft is moving.

These intuitive electric motors can also be converted into generators to provide electricity for the boat when the main engine is doing the grunt work over longer journeys. Want to go faster? The hybrid can help with that via a ‘Boost Mode’, where the main engine is aided by the electric motors to get the craft up to top speed – yes, just like a modern F1 car with KERS.


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