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Russia Has Created A Disabled Hologram To Stop Illegal Parkers

Parking in a disabled spot without a permit? Be prepared to be scared out of your wits and stared down by a holographic handicapped man questioning your morals.

Although not in actual production, the project currently exists as an initiative by a Russian disability advocacy group and ad agency, Bird Strategy Inc. The two have teamed up to stop able-bodied drivers from taking advantage of the spots in shopping centre car parks and spaces across Moscow’s public access areas.

The system sees a series of cameras, scanners, mist sprayers, speakers and a hologram projector which engages the target when it detects that a car is moving into its space without the right handicap tag. Once activated, the system proceeds to tell the illegal parker to park somewhere else and be more considerate.

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Much like Russia who claim to have one third of their drivers parking illegally in handicapped spaces, Australia has also seen a crack down on this sort of behaviour. An introduction of new NSW laws late last year means that any driver caught unlawfully using a disabled parking zone will be hit with strict new penalties, which includes a $519 fine and the loss of license demerit points.

If this isn’t a deterrent enough, we’re sure the NSW government could install a few of these holograms armed with laser beams. Picture that: Yoda telling you to get out of his parking space.

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