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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [01.10.15]

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1 of 7|Mazda's Latest Sportscar Teaser
2 of 7|BMW X4 M40i
3 of 7|BMW X4 M40i
4 of 7|BMW X4 M40i
5 of 7|Audi TT RS
6 of 7|Porsche 911s Do The Darnedest Things
7 of 7|Renault's Return To F1

Ride shotgun with us as we take you through this week’s most intriguing motoring news delivered hot. Mazda could have a new rotary on the way, Audi caught testing their ballsy TT RS, the leaked BMW X4 and spades of motorsport mayhem. Get in fool.

#1 Could This Be The Next RX-7

Mazda will be unveiling a brand new sportscar at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show to be held at the end of October. Many have pinned their hopes on it being the revival of Mazda’s iconic rotary engine, a piston-less powerplant which is compact and has a reputation for making big power (and drinking lots of fuel). So far the Japanese company is tight lipped but have been generous enough to release a little teaser image. The RX-8 was Mazda’s last rotary engine before it succumbed to emissions regulations. It’s bigger brother the RX-7 saw a stellar production life from 1978 to 2002. Whilst you wait, you can watch an oldschool commercial for the RX-7 below.

#2 BMW X4 M40i Leaked Ahead Of L.A Debut

We love a good leak every now and then but BMW have gone all out and just unveiled the damn car ahead of its official debut. This is not a bad thing as it means you can see exactly what the baby brother to the X5 and X6 has done differently. More power and more torque seem to be the first order of action with an extra 60hp and 58Nm over the xDrive35i. Performance is rated at 4.9s for a 0-100km/h sprint whilst top speed will be limited to 250km/h. It’s not an all-out M car just yet, but you can expect to see one in the not too distant future.

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#3 Audi TT RS Caught Testing At Nurburgring

With a third generation TT already on the market, Audi went back to school in the Nurburgring to test their no-nonsense version of the car, the TT RS. Expected to land in the market in 2017, the race-bred car is reported to pack a five-cylinder engine as opposed to the standard TT’s four. Think along the lines of a turbo-charged 2.5-litre engine and you’ll be betting in the right region. The last TT RS packed 360hp so you can expect the upcoming one to exceed that figure.

#4 When Motorsports Strikes Back

Every now and then the world of motorsports will throw you a curve ball; a ‘WTF’ moment that simply defies four-wheeled logic. This is one of those times. During a 911 Cup race, a bunch of Porches entered the corner with one spinning into oncoming traffic. The rest, they’d say, is history. Watch on below.

#5 Renault Leaves Red Bull, Buys Out Lotus To Compete In F1

As far as bad breakups go, the deteriorating relationship between the Austrian energy drink giant and French car maker could not get any more sour. In light of this breakup, Renault have made it clear that they will return to Formula One by buying their old team back off Lotus. It won’t come cheap though with Lotus currently owing US$4 million to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs authority for income tax and national insurance. Once Renault settles this bill, they will be free to rebrand the team to its own image and winning colours for a 2016 debut. We can’t wait so we’ve compiled a welcome back song below.




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