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Why You Shouldn’t Instagram Your Boarding Pass

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Are you guilty of travel bragging? Are you partial to an airport selfie? Or perhaps the occasional boarding pass pic to keep Instagram guessing? Well, it turns out you could be seriously risking your privacy.

Cyber-security site Krebs on Security recently detailed how the barcodes found on boarding passes are actually full of your private information, accessible to anyone with basic barcode reading software.

Your full name, arrival and departure airports, the airline you’re flying, flight record finder and even your frequent flyer number are public domain if you go for the cheeky passport wallet pic.

If someone has access to your account they could cancel a future flight or change personal information, or if you’ve racked up a considerable amount of frequent flyer points someone could add themselves as a family member and transfer your points to their account.

This also applies to physical boarding passes, so don’t be dim and leave it behind on the plane when you land.


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