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The iPhone 7 Could Be Getting A Major Design Makeover

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In addition to possibly being Apple’s thinnest iPhone yet, reliable sources believe the iPhone 7 will sport some radical design changes. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster spoke with Barron’s about his predictions for Apple’s next smartphone, due to drop in about a year.

Munster believes the introduction of 3D Touch means the home button could be eliminated completely. In its absence, the screen could be enlarged or the entire device could be made smaller. Touch ID, which is currently integrated into the home button, would be moved to the side of the phone.

Apple’s next area of focus could be battery life, says Munster. The company has already boosted battery life in its Macbook line using more efficient processors and software. Doing the same for its mobile phones would be a logical follow up, and one that would be welcomed by customers.

Finally, Munster believes that the long-rumoured sapphire screen could finally become a reality. The cost of the material has deterred many companies, but since Apple now uses sapphire on the Apple Watch, it’s not unrealistic to expect it on the iPhone.

Of course, these details are only educated guesses at this point, but Munster has proved himself to be a reliable source of Apple predictions. All signs so far point towards an iPhone 7 with significant design updates.


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