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Be A Wine Expert With Jacobs Creek Double Barrel

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It’s one thing to drink wine. It’s another to understand it. Recall your earliest days of sipping that sweet nectar. Unsure of how to hold the glass. Afraid of snapping the delicate stem.

Baffled by words like “tannin” and “terroir.” You fumbled your way through, hoping you’d pass as a connoisseur if you swirled your glass and sniffed before you swallowed.

Things have changed. Today you’re a confident consumer, one who knows what he likes and is always on hand with a pairing recommendation or a bottle to gift around the holidays. You’re indispensable at dinner parties.

Don’t start thinking you’re a sommelier. The finished product is only half the story and even a grown-up oenophile has more to learn. When it comes to wine, education is part of the enjoyment, so we’ve joined forces with Jacob’s Creek to explore the meticulous craftsmanship behind some of Australia’s most iconic wine.


Wine Meets Whisky



A gentleman of sophisticated tastes inevitably develops an admiration for two of life’s greatest Ws: wine and whisky. Taken separately, they are pleasurable indulgences. Combine them, and you may find yourself reaching new heights of epicurean bliss.

Jacob’s Creek has created exactly that ultra-urbane combination with Double Barrel, a new range of super-premium wines with an unusual origin story. 

The final product is only a piece of the puzzle. You love a bespoke suit because you understand the artistry that went into crafting it. Likewise, understanding what goes into your glass enhances your appreciation for it.

Double Barrel Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon undergo a unique production process. As the name implies, they are aged twice – once in wine barrels, then again in aged whisky barrels. The two-fold process imparts a depth and complexity to the wines, creating a rich and smooth flavour profile that earns accolades from reviewers and casual enthusiasts alike.

From Soil To Cellar



In all things, a gentleman admires craftsmanship. When it comes to wine, that craftsmanship begins with quality grapes. Jacob’s Creek selects exceptional fruit from renowned grape growing regions in South Australia. From those grapes come rich red wines, matured in traditional wine barrels for 12-18 months. Then comes the step that sets Double Barrel apart: the wine is transferred into aged whisky barrels, and left just long enough to achieve the perfect finish.

For the wine and whisky aficionado, this is easily Jacob Creek’s most intriguing innovation. Wine and whisky barrels look alike to the untrained eye, but each have their own distinctive character. Wine barrels are made from fine-grained French or American oak that’s been toasted slowly over a gentle heat. Whisky barrels, on the other hand, come from coarser American oak that has been scorched quickly over high heat.

In whisky, the result is added colour and sweetness with a softer mouthfeel. Applied to wine, Double Barrel Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon become richer, rounder and smoother, with compelling aromas unique in the winemaking world. Call it a cliché, but if this isn’t the best of both worlds, we don’t know what is.

Behind The Bottle


Jacob’s Creek can trace its beginnings back to 1837, when Bavarian-born Johann Gramp arrived at Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island. Ten years later, missing the taste of wine from home, Gramp purchased 30 hectares of land along the banks of Jacob’s Creek and planted Barossa’s first commercial vineyard.


Winemaking became the Gramp family business, which expanded steadily through the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th. In 1976, more than one hundred years after the first grapes were harvested, a 1973 vintage Shiraz Cabernet Malbec became the inaugural wine released under the Jacob’s Creek label.

It was a smashing success. Jacob’s Creek wines hit the international stage in the 1980s, leading the progress of Australian wine around the world. Awards, sponsorships, and new ranges followed, along with a fresh logo and vineyards in new regions. Jacob’s Creek now proudly calls itself the world’s most awarded winery.

And as for you? Let’s get back to your ascension up the rungs of the gentlemanly ladder. Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel proves an appreciative palate is only half the equation. Any man can enjoy the taste of wine, but only a refined man knows that understanding the complex process behind his beverage enhances the experience of drinking it.

Of course, it’s not all intellectual. It doesn’t hurt that you look damn good to impressed observers while explaining the story behind the bottle you brought.

Exceptional taste and the expertise to back it up? Now you’re doubly indispensable at dinner parties.


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