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Japan Created A Closet Robot Which Folds Your Clothes

The Japanese are renowned for creating some of the world’s quirkiest devices and the Laundroid, a robot which literally folds your garments for you, is no different.

Built by Seven Dreamers in partnership with Panasonic and homebuilder Daiwa House, the Laundroid was recently presented at an international trade show where it spruiked its ability to free up a lifetime of hours wasted on the arduous chore. In the video demonstration, a user simply inserts a crumpled piece of clothing into the Laundroid before it spits out a perfectly folded shirt.

The technology behind the machine relies on image recognition software to decipher how a garment should be folded before it proceeds to act. This process takes a total of four minutes to complete with one garment whilst the robotics behind the folding process is currently withheld from the public. The CEO of Seven Dreamers Shin Sakane has however assured BBC reporters that there isn’t a human hiding behind the doors folding the clothes, saying “it took us ten years to develop this prototype technology, there are so many secrets in there.”

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Think you can fold a shirt faster than four minutes? Of course you can. Although the company believes you could also be doing other things in those vital four minutes. In the long run, Seven Dreamers even believes that it can save users around 375 days worth of folding.

CNET has reported that the Laundroid will see its final production version by 2020 where users can simply pile in a load of clean laundry before the machine automatically sorts, folds and places the garments into its allocated wardrobe slot.

For now the beta-spec Laundroid won’t become available in Japan until 2017, so you’ll have to continue folding your own shirts in under four minutes.

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