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‘MARTY’ The Self-Driving DeLorean Drifts And Does Killer Donuts

It took 30 years, but Doc Brown’s four-wheeled time machine may no longer be the coolest DeLorean ever made. A team of researchers at California’s Stanford University have upgraded the iconic car and made it autonomous.

In a nod to the Back to the Future trilogy, the car is named MARTY: the Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control. Like its predecessor, this DeLorean is no average vehicle. While other self-driving cars are content to change lanes and help you parallel park, MARTY can drift.

The team made a long list of foundational mods and developed software that allowed the car to do what only highly skilled human drivers can. Jon Goh, a PhD student who led the project, says the DeLorean can now do “fairly perfect” drifts in circles. See MARTY in action in the video above.



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